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What are digestible sensors in the stomach?

What are digestible sensors? What is it use for? Turkish scientist Prof at MIT as a physics engineer. Canan Dağdeviren, along with researcher Giovanni Traverso, developed a digestible sensor. Thanks to this sensor, which can be swallow in a capsule, it can be use to diagnose digestive disorders and monitor …

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Organ technology on chip

What are organ on a chip used for? What is organ technology on the chip? Thanks to researchers and scientists, organ technology has been developed on the chip. So what is organ technology on chip? What does it do? In this article, we will give you some information about chip …

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Brain stent that can read thoughts

Brain stent that can read thoughts Can the brain stent read thought? Researchers have been working on this subject for a long time, especially for use in paralyzed patients. New developments show that these studies have yielded results. A brain stent has been develope that can read thoughts. According to …

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Chip that repairs damaged tissue

What is the chip that repairs damaged tissue? Can the chip repair a damaged texture? According to research and experiments, chips will now be able to repair damaged tissues. Researchers have developed a chip technology that can heal damaged tissues. Thanks to this technology, every cell in the body can …

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